Barbie® Brand Reveals Most Diverse Ken® Lineup To Date

Last year when Mattel announced that Barbie would come in come in a variety of skin tones and three new sizes — petite, tall and curvy. It was a great accomplishment, the iconic symbol would now more realistic.

Barbie and millennium mothers wanting their children to play with more diverse dolls. Mattel designed the tall and curvy figures to have larger feet and also noted that the clothes won’t fit perfectly across all of the dolls anymore.

These new Barbies got tons of praise. Not only do they represent women of varying cultures, they also have trendsetters and fashionistas. These dolls hit the mark, but many wondered what about Ken.

Today Barbie® announced the expansion of its Fashionistas® line with 15 new and diverse Ken® dolls, featuring three body types — slim, broad and original — and a variety of skin tones, eye colors, hairstyles and modern fashion looks. The new Ken dolls join an expanded Barbie® Fashionistas® line, making it the most diverse fashion doll line in the marketplace.

The line includes 15 new Ken dolls with three body types, seven skin tones, eight hair colors, nine hairstyles and modernized fashions, ranging from casual business attire to athletic wear. The brand is also introducing 25 additional diverse Barbie dolls. These dolls join the 100+ diverse looks launched in the Barbie Fashionistas line in the last three years.

The new Fashionistas launch at retailers nationwide and “The New Crew” can be seen on

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