Bluwinx Glasses a New Advanced Blue Light Protection Company

bluwinx, a leading blue light lens protection company, has announced a line of ophthalmic quality prescription, non-prescription readers and planos glasses that have revolutionized blue light protection for children, teens, and adults. bluwinx glasses are engineered to filter the actual blue light emitted from cell phones, tablets, computers, and televisions better than any other lens on the market today, providing protection that you can notice. By partnering directly with manufacturers and offering its glasses directly to consumers, bluwinx can offer its high-quality glasses in most cases at 40% off retail prices.

With over 2/3 of Americans spending nine hours of the day on a digital device, the rise in sleep disorders, blurred vision, eye strain, headaches, and other serious health-related problems have increased substantially. “You wouldn’t spend hours at the beach without sunscreen, why would you spend hours staring at your electronic devices without eye protection?” says co-founder and sleep expert, Joe Petrolla. “bluwinx is for your eyes as sunscreen is for your skin.”

bluwinx was founded by a group of entrepreneurial parents with the common goal of offering families the best quality protection against harsh blue light. The bluwinx collection encapsulates the ingenuity of its founders, with innovative designs and leading-edge protective technology. The bluwinx collection is the only products available that focus on and protects children from the dangerous onslaught of blue light from electronic devices.

As the use of digital technology becomes more prevalent at schools, the workplace, and at home, bluwinx protective lenses offer a variety of frame styles and colors perfect for the whole family. “bluwinx glasses are the best and most effective ophthalmic quality blue light filtering lenses made in the U.S” reports co-founder and parent of two young children, Ed Kiernan. By offering a variety of products designed to filter dangerous blue light, bluwinx glasses improve the daytime overstimulation and the negative nighttime effects of blue light on the quality of sleep.

Partnering with a leading U.S based ophthalmic glasses manufacturer, bluwinx offers over 1,300 styles in prominent designer brands such as StyleWise, BCBG, and Steve Madden, while keeping consumers healthy in an increasingly digitally based environment. By filtering out the most dangerous range of blue light, bluwinx is redefining blue light protection eyewear at an affordable price and has become the most effective solution for children, teens, and adults on the market today. bluwinx provides protection that you can notice.

bluwinx glasses are the most effective ophthalmic quality blue light filtering lenses that filter the harmful blue light emitted from electronic devices. These redefining blue light protection eyewear lenses prevent blurred vision, eye strain, fatigue, headaches and sleep disorders including insomnia. The lenses used in bluwinx glasses are designed to filter the right intensity and amount of blue light making them the most effective solution in improving the daytime overstimulation and negative nighttime effects of blue light on our quality of sleep compared to other competitive options on the market today. To learn more, go to

I had the opportunity to try out the glasses. I don’t wear glasses, but I am always on the computer and my eyes had been experiencing some tiredness. In the few days that I used it, I found that my eyes were more relaxed. These have helped me greatly to protect my vision. I love that they have styles for everyone in the family. I am recommending them to all of my family and friends.