Brand New Mod-1 headphones

Last week I decided I wanted new headphones and I was surprised with the chance to get to review this new ones.

The old headphones I had began to wear down and I wanted to start the new year with a new pair that was everything I was looking for.

My new MOD-1 Headphones

They are called Mod-1 by Modular Headphones. They retail for $149 but they are currently on a launch special for $99. I really enjoyed the quality and price. They arrived last week and there aren’t enough words to describe how happy I am with them.


Great sound with a very solid bass that is incredibly clean. I can turn them all the way to 100 and work too well for a $99 headphone.
 They look absolutely gorgeous,
 The Bluetooth connection works perfectly, no issues so far
 Good Range
 Good battery life (They lasted me all night with a single charge)
 Extremelly confortable
 Replaceable ear pieces and they came with an extra pair! as a launch special. So next year I won’t buy a new pair of headphone but instead a new pair of ear pieces.

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