Dresscode Brings Fashion & Technology to Encourage Interest in STEM-Children’s Holiday Gift Guide

I attended an event a few months ago that Dresscode attended. I was intrigued by the concept and wanted to learn more. I got a chance to talk to creator Kayte Malik and learned more about her vision for the brand. I love this as a holiday gift for those girls in your life that love science and technology.

Dresscode believes that there is beauty in innovation, the company merges fashion and technology to educate and excite women and girls about computer science, coding, and STEM. Our unique product ecosystem has beautiful, sophistically designed accessories with computer science code on them. The user then takes the code on the bracelet to the Dresscode website (www.DresscodeTech.com) enters in what is on the bracelet to unlock lessons on how to code which gives the users skills to create their own website. The goal is to create beautiful technology through fashion.

Malik switched majors to Business Information Systems but kept her passion for computer science as spent most of her early career in corporate technology consulting roles. Since then, she’s taught herself different programming languages. Malik quickly realized that jobs were growing more and more tech-centric. That’s when she came up with the idea for Dresscode Tech.

Although fashion and tech may seem like an odd mix, Malik makes it work by creating engaging products like her coding bracelets. These unique bracelets have binary codes etched into them and wearers can use their codes to access a special coding lesson on Dresscode Tech’s website.

Prior to starting Dresscode Tech she held strategy, technology, product development, consulting and marketing roles (just to name a few), it’s fair to say that Malik has worn many hats throughout her professional career. And while Malik has learned plenty of valuable lessons along the way, the one that she wants to share with other women entrepreneurs is this: do what scares you. We had a wonderful conversation about how education plays a continued role in life and that you can always continue to learn.

Dresscode recently introduced the “I am Series” which is the first of our lessons. It is designed to inspire curiosity. The “I am series” has three lessons when finished the Dresscoder should have a basic working knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The coding bracelets say I am Brave, I am Bold, I am Smart and our limited edition I am Kind in binary code. There is a binary translator built into the site, a Dresscoder is able to type in the 1s and 0s to find out what it says.

To help, Dresscode has also partnered with a number of non-profits that support women and girls in STEM such as Wonder Women Tech, South Bend Code School, and Expanding Your Horizons Chicago.

Once you are logged in to the site you are able to unlock your lessons. Click Here for a short video on what happens once a lesson is unlocked.

This allows both women and girls not to be intimidated by coding or STEM but to gain new skills to set them up for success, what better way to encourage that than during the holidays.