RiseUp! It’s time to sTwitch — err, switch

Rizop.tv | Earn Money Playing Video Games

We are gamers, a passionate bunch. We lose ourselves in the virtual world where we do things beyond human capabilities. We have fun, laugh, love, syndicate, socialize and even change the real world. For most of us, no matter what our skill level, being an E-Sports superstar would be a dream come true. Who wouldn’t want to earn a living while PLAYING VIDEO GAMES? The sad truth is, very few among us will ever reach the top of the gaming world, but that doesn’t mean we still can’t make money playing!

Who wouldn’t want to earn money while PLAYING VIDEO GAMES?

As you may know Twitch has several rules and conditions to become a “partner” that you have to meet before you start seeing any money, and even then, most of that money is pocketed by Twitch leaving you with only a small fraction of what you generated. Their requirements are so strict that a majority of the gamers on their platform will never see a penny of the money their channel has generated much less get the chance to. However, what if you could earn revenue doing what you love, streaming, wouldn’t you?

In Twitch we truly are the product being sold yet most of that money is pocketed by Twitch

Rizop.tv promises real money right way! It is a project that has been started by a group of gamers that are simply not satisfied with the current state of things. Why should only a few of us be able to earn money through this passion of ours? If we spend so much time immersed in this part of our lives, shouldn’t we ALL be able to earn through it? On our own terms?

With Rizop.tv you don’t need to jump through hoops to start earning real money.

Rizop.tv offers an exciting new stage for streamers all over the world. With Rizop.tv, you don’t need to jump through hoops to start earning real money. All you need to do is a register, and play. That’s it. You start earning money right away and we don’t mean just a small slice of the total earnings either. Rizop.tv shares 90% of the earnings with its users! Our cashout policy is simple as well! As soon as you have at least 35 USD in your account, you can cash out anytime. Right now the only method of generating revenue is the unobtrusive ads on your channel, but we are looking into e-currency, merchandising, and many more earning tools for the future.

It’s time we took matters into our own hands, it’s time to switch and rise up with Rizop.tv

With Rizop.tv every single one of us can earn money streaming video games, we don’t need to settle for streaming to line Twitch’s pockets when we can stream to line our own. It’s time we have all the fun we want and get paid for it too. It’s time we took matters into our own hands. It’s time to switch and Rizop (pronounce RiseUp!).

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