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Ok, that’s it. Finally the straw of bad “journalism” that makes me shuffle ThinkProgress, again, back into the faux news column. Ugh. I hate it when people writing from my side of the political aisle, so to speak, speak so badly, with such bombast, illogic, and emotional manipulation. 
Can’t/won’t delineate all of the problems, but: 
-“profanity-laced” — sounds like he was spouting the profanities — was he? I still don’t know, based on your piece, whether he was quoting others critiquing public officials, or cursing in his own words. I *think* based on what I’ve seen of the video, that he’s quoting other people.

-‘“He even said the n-word.” — Really? Or did he quote someone else? If the latter, should he never say the word? Reminds me of people who said that the word “niggardly” should also never be used, just in case someone, who doesn’t know its meaning, thought it was a racial slur. I feel like I’m listening to a 7 year old tattle-tale.

-You can make a reasonable critique of his decision to quote these vulgar emails and social media attacks — but don’t write the headline and lede and entire opening graphs to insinuate that he said these things himself. He’s already an ass — just let us figure that out for ourselves with actual evidence.

-Examples of prior police misconduct (without information about outcomes) tell me something about the police department but nothing about the ‘normalcy’ of this process of interview/arrest. I tend to think it’s not in accord with best practices at police departments around the country, but these examples tell me nothing about that.
-Of course he didn’t mention a study about race and Stand Your Ground laws. This wasn’t a scholarly conference. If *you* think it’s important (and it is), then mention it, in detail.

-Of course his recourse to “let the system take its course” is a problem — systemic inequalities in the justice system make that suggestion difficult to swallow. At the same time, it’s stupid and counterproductive to call people coon and faggot (That doesn’t even make sense!) as a way to change that system. 

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