Sydney / twenty nineteen

A life-changing idea

The word suddenly hit me as I was standing there looking at a piece of art coming to life by two graffiti artists: collaboration.

One of the two legends had invited me to an event to watch them decorate a garage door in an urban neighbourhood in Sydney. They were each working on their individually part of what would later become an ibis with a skull-shaped chest. As I was standing with my phone in one hand and a beer in the other, the word collaboration crossed my mind again and again. …

From words to moving images.
Three has always been my lucky number. Therefore, here is the third and last article of this series. Before I move on to tell you the motive for publishing these three articles and why the last one is called Priorities, I would like to address what prioritising is all about seen from my point of view.

As things are right now, I consider prioritising to be crucial. As mentioned in previous articles, I needed an overview of how to optimise on the work I wanted to do and this was where prioritising came in handy…

Two down. One to go. I hope you had a chance to read Time, which was the first article of this series. If you didn’t, then continue reading since the three pieces are not part of a small puzzle. Creativity is the second piece and another topic which—just like time—controls and priorities the majority of my life. Whatever you might think about what you’re about to read, you should know, that I’m not going to turn creativity on its head and trying to define what it is and what it isn’t. That wouldn’t be possible in 1,800 words. However, I…

Priority reading.
‘Time’ is the first of three articles. The following two pieces of writing will be published in the time to come focusing on three of the most critical topics in my life for almost a decade. I’ll do my best to make the first article great, make the second not suck and make the third piece coherent with the two others.

Imagine, it took me half a lifetime to realise that time is running out.
Liam O’ Connor

In the past decade, I’ve realised that time — the universal element which never stops — is crucial to…

Nicolai Henriksen

A Danish creative located in Sydney working at JOY.

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