How You Can Make Your Bible Study Lessons Effective

Feb 3, 2018 · 2 min read
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Even in this generation sitting down and reading the bible is one of the most common forms of bible study. Grabbing your bible for some few minutes does not qualify as a fruitful bible study time. This is for someone who wanted to accomplish a task, and sure he will be able to say that he read the bible. However, God does not want our bible study time to be just another item on our to-do list. He wants it to be a time where he can mister to your heart through his word to change you into what he predestined you to be. The best way to study your bible is through the guidance of the holy spirit.

Here are things you should do to make your bible study lessons effective. The first thing is that you should study the bible when under the guidance of the holy spirit.

Another thing is that you should never fear to write your bible. Some people feel that they will mess their bibles if they write in it. Make some notes in the margin of your bible and also highlight the texts that you feel are touching your heart. This will ease your time of reading as you will have a reference to the things that you lead. Referring back to your notes and the insights regularly are one of the greatest ways to refresh your memory on the things that the holy spirit reveals to you.

Use mini post-it notes and sticky tabs. This is important if you want to leave a larger note on the page of a specific scripture. By so doing you will go through the revelation that you received in your past reading. You can also use stick tabs to indicate the scriptures you want to come back to or meditate on.

Identify a topic or a reason why you want to study the bible. Ensure that you study is focused on something that you have interest in, and you will e always be motivated to study your bible. You can decide to learn that God has to say about developing faith or about godly marriage and so on. This way you will be able to personalize your bible study experience.

Finally, you should have a bible study notebook. Be putting down the things that you learn from your bible study. You can write down your favorite scriptures or write the insights you get from the study.

Other than reading your bible, online bible studies workbooks and classes can be great ways to draw closer to God through his word.

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