Creative Signage Ideas to make the world a better place

Digital Signage is well known in many industries. In Retail, Signage creates a unique experience for stores, attracts customers to visit stores or carry marketing messages.

While all of this is important and I am inviting you to check out our page if you want to know more about how you can improve your business, I want to highlight a different aspect of Digital Signage.

Recently I stumbled accross a number of videos and pictures presenting Signage Installations, that were a little different.

These Creative Signage Ideas had the following things in common:

1. They tackle a problem, which goes beyond marketing
2. They try to make the world a better place
3. They caught my attention and I can’t stop thinking about them

So, I decided to share my two favorite ones and show you what I am talking about.

  1. The Samsung Safety Truck — A Samsung Installation that allows drivers behind trucks to see what the Truck driver can see, thus supports them in the decision making process, whether they should overtake or not.
  2. The Social Swipe — A Signage Installation that allows to donate and engages the user directly in the process. I dont really know how to describe it, but I urge you to see for yourself. It is worth it!

Here are the links to the Videos.

While those installations are somewhat different than the usual Screens and Displays we see every day, they still fulfill the basic needs of marketing directed Signage Solutions.

1. They engage
2. They attract
3. You remember them
4. You are in intrigued to learn more about the content.

If you know some further examples, I would be happy if you share them in the comments, or send me a short message. Thank you.