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It was New Year’s Eve, and I was wrapping up my shift at work when I realized something awful: that for a while now, I’d been incredibly disinterested and poorly invested in the art my friends were making. …

The story of Milo Cypress, the would-be Prince of Glam and Inspiration, truly began a decade ago, during a time when I could most credibly be called a musician. True, I was only a teenager back then. But like many things, I showed up late to the party.

For example, I didn’t quite understand my vocal abilities until the tenth grade, when I auditioned for my high school’s select choir. I had my suspicions, and a lot of support from my family. But true enough, it turned out that I possessed these particular talents. …

Five years. Five games. One final flight.

It is night, although within the CIC, it’s always night. But this is a dark hour, as screens flash gravitational warnings and everyone assumes crash positions. Throughout the room, the squeaking and creaking of a spaceship can be heard. The Rising Star is a medical ship, and it’s being held together by little more than desperate ingenuity, miracles, and prayers.

Even worse, it has no landing gear. The lowest decks have been flooded to act as a cushion, but nobody knows if it will be enough.

Behind the bulkhead, I sit with my computer, DJ turntables, and orange sound pads. The storytellers have informed me to give it everything I got. …


Nicolas Hornyak

Nicolas Hornyak is a writer and game designer. You can check out his work at, or tip him at

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