To be or not to be read

Difficult to talk about your own book. Got it wrong the first time. Said it was great, fascinating, which for me this time it really is but for others? Got 70 read but only a few downloads. Cost 2.99 only though. So how take this forward? How convince people that this book is the best thing you’ve ever done, much better than your previous ones which got published by a first class house, had press and airtime? How do this when this time you have decided to go solo because what your publisher is telling you regarding your book you know is wrong?

I could probably talk to other publishers and spend a huge amount of time convincing them but I would so much like do it myself, on my own, like I did before in the business space. You know the feeling? Looking after every thing: creation, promotion, relations. Be always switched on, on the deck, having always new ideas to get your stuff read and shared. Ideally complementing the years you have spent writing your book by looking at all those things that have to be done to get your work out there. In other words, not having this loss of control and of adrenaline which you unavoidably have when you delegate to somebody else.

For this obviously you need to talk about your work and this takes me back to the how. People who read my work before publication have posted reviews on Amazon but this is not enough. And it’s all in French by the way because I forgot to mention I write and publish in French, which does not help reach-wise!

So i thought I should start telling you here what this book is about and think about rewriting it in English. I am not that good in English but I reckon I’m good enough to be understood and followed. What do you think?

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