Standing Rock Reveals the True Colors of Both the Media and the Democratic Party
Tony Brasunas

I agree with most everything you wrote, but no party will represent everyone, nor represent my best civic interests in the long run. I think we need to look beyond parties to represent us. I know no one can represent me better than I. If democracy worked well at a city level in Athens thousands of years ago, it was become people were involved. Nothing like what we do today and scaling it up to a huge country gangrened by lobbies and special interests surely doesn’t work. The democrat and republican party, no capitals please, are bloated and out of touch with reality.

In the end, we, you and I and everyone, need to hold these people accountable and stop paying them to not fix things. I work in the real world, just like you where I get paid for a job done, not the opposite.

We need to write them all the time. Buy local. Voice our opinions day in and out. And when Bernie becomes independent, hopefully away from any obsolete party affiliation, he will get a swell of people behind him. In the meantime, let’s starve the beast and hold it accountable.

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