Not a Pretty Picture: Lessons from GoPro about Growth and Underestimating China
Bay McLaughlin

I loved the first GoPros, but after the third iteration, I lost interest. I saw other companies providing better quality in a more usable format. A brick is not aerodynamic. When I test drive a car or an electric bicycle, I need something aerodynamic, not a square in the wind.

Sony came out with a better lens and form factor. But it was really more of a: “Hey, we’re in this market also!” It never intended to corner that market, as it also let us down as with their amazing Vaio laptop line.

Once a company has too much hype, it loses its fizzle. GoPro didn’t innovate much beyond the first product. The software has always been a sticky point also. Paying someone that much for that kind of result makes me look for alternatives, usually those who are more hungry for my business.

No surprises here.