While We’re Infighting With Political Rhetorics, Things Are Moving Along Quite Well.

It’s puzzling to see the amount of tension, dissension, anger, angst, and flat out depression around this past election. It’s not as if things have blown up exponentially all the sudden. It was a long time coming, and it will not get any better. At least, it won’t get any better as long as you and I get upset at each other for having thoughts and trying to explain our political ideals. It is worse for people like me who are neither left, nor right.

Cutting Through The Crud

It should be very obvious by now that dissecting political rhetoric is a futile game. By the time you tackle one point, three others have been raised, while the real work happens behind the scenes in the shadow, away from the media. And rightfully so, we are saturated with news, and fake news only adds to the confusion. Discerning what is right and wrong has become exponentially more difficult as politicians have learned to juggle many shades of lies at the same time. And don’t think it only happens on one side of the spectrum. It’s rampant everywhere. The trend is clear. Throw as many outlandish claims and promises in the air as you need to fry any normally wired brains. Thrust thin promises high in the air that can be interpreted as many ways as possible. Who is the glass ceiling breaking for? Who is America becoming great again for? You, me and everyone of us who disagrees with each other, but yet will interpret these vague promises as we see fit. Come on, let’s get clear now.

We really have to be extra vigilant with this ADD tactic. It’s pretty simple. Let people debate the finer subtleties of vague talking points. While this happens, the real work occurs concealed from scrutiny. And by the time you understand what went on, more debates have popped up clouding other occult movements. It’s brilliant, in a twisted way.

Here is a point in case. HR 1599 known as the “Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act of 2015,” passed the house, not yet the Senate. HR 1599 makes GMO labeling “voluntary” nationwide and would nullify the mandatory labeling laws of several states. For more brains sizzling, go and see who authored this and where the new administration is putting this person if charge of. And if you want even more brain wave interferences, see who sits on the board of the FDA, etc.

The real trick is not to suss out what is real and what is not with politicians. Don’t dissect their every word. It’s the same old trick pickpockets use to rob you blind. The trick is to keep track of the overall flow of outlandish topics, while watching Walls Street, and laws and measures being pushed. That’s where the juicy stuff is happening. Talk is cheap and most elected officials don’t walk the walk. Heck, they don’t even live in yours and my world. I get paid for a job well done, and don’t when I miss my target. They get paid with our money, regardless of fixing or not. They don’t evolve in our world. They can’t. And they certainly won’t.

While We In-fight, Things Are Happening Swiftly

Machiavelli set the foundation for modern politics over 500 years with his divide to better rule concept. Pushing people to extremes only crystallizes them in rhetoric. Nowhere is this more apparent today than with modern politicians. These new officials are masters at throwing many things in the air to rattle our cages, while we stand mesmerized trying to count the sparkles in their fireworks. But who is orchestrating the fireworks? Shouldn’t we concentrate on this, the source of the problem, not its manifestation? I suggest a closer look at Putin’s top advisor, Vladislav Surkov and his U.S. counterparts who get well paid to divide us. Brilliant, yet so twisted!

Here is some good news. The renewable energy sector is not waiting around for politics to get a move on. With money and serious returns on profits in the green sector, no amount of left and right diatribe will stop it. Wall Street is doing quite well and has finally adjusted to turning high profits on this new green energy industry.

In fact: “The U.S. Energy Information Agency (EIA) on Nov. 29 released electric generation statistics through the end of September 2016. Generation from geothermal, solar, and wind energy increased by 24 percent compared with the first nine months of 2015.” Renewable Energy World.

The automotive industry is still struggling pushing big and heavy vehicles, when the trend for efficiency is full bloom. Truck demand is currently down, a welcome relief for professionals who need to drive trucks for their livelihood. The so-called no demand for electric vehicles, EVs flies in the face of statistics that show a very different picture. 8% more electric vehicles, EV were sold this November than last November in the US. 6,266 EVs were newly registered this past month. Overall, 7,858 units sold, with plug-in hybrids, PHEV accounting for an 83.9% surge and 28,498 hybrids. HybridCars. This happened a week after VW CEO Matthias Müller infamously said there was no demand for EVs in Germany, despite the contrary. And yesterday, Ford’s new CEO Mark Fields said there is no real demand for EVs in the U.S.

Tap The Source And Keep Your Eyes On The Essential

So what are you worried about? Follow Wall Street and big banks to see what is really going on. And remember that while we fight amongst each other, it keeps us preoccupied so other things can happen without notice. Maybe next time someone vaunts the merits of this party or that, see how that person is only trying to wear their badge of honor. Their belief in either left or right unproven rhetoric only masks the uncertainty we all feel about our lives and the current state of our societies.

Good things are happening, but let’s not allow our infighting to provide those closed doors shenanigans. We need unity, since we all pay taxes to justify the unjustifiable. How about we get to the source of our ailments by holding accountable those who promise, promise, promise and consistently don’t deliver, instead of focusing that zeal upon each other.