This story really touched my heart. I became a film maker to share stories that connect with people’s lives. When I receive emails, letters and messages from people expressing how my films have made an impact in their lives, it reaffirms to me each and every time that this “no paying” gig’s rewards exceed beyond currency — it’s not about the money or royalties, but how lives are touched, enriched and personal convictions through my expression of art. I don’t know why, exactly my work appeals to older straight men in their 70’-90’s. I’ve gotten so many wonderful letters from this demo-graphic

I received a letter from Daryl about his father’s reaction to my films. He said:

“Nicoles films have taught me so much about the lesbian community and opened my eyes to other ways of living and loving. The effect of her films has been so profound on me. They have turned around my mood and my whole outlook on life. After my wife went into a nursing home with vascular dementia i found it very hard to be alone, but now being alone at home is not depressing anymore. I feel so indebted to Nicole for her films touching me in this way — thank you so much”
Thanks again for taking the time to correspond with my dad — It genuinely has made a huge difference to his outlook and mood which all the family have noticed. Dad says you have a huge following (and are very famous!) so thanks again for taking the time out to think about him. Here’s a photo of him.

Daryl, thank you so much. Please give your day a hug from me.

Daryl’s Dad.