For Ina

I’ve been writing a lot to this wonderful Woman — Ina and I just adore her. I wanted to share this story with you.

Here’s a little bit of ALOT that she wrote to me on private message on Facebook. I just adore her!!

Hi Nicole, I am one of your many admirers. I loved all of your movies. I watched A Happy Ending and Elena Undone so many times, it’s a wonder that I didn’t wear them out. I am 93 and 1/2. Will be 94 in February . I have been bi/sexual but now strictly Lesbian, but came out too late and missed my chance to find a wife that jived with my personality .
Oh I must tell you that I fell in love with Paris in A Happy Ending. Has she done anything since? Also I thought Rebecca was very sexy. , also loved the writer in Elena Undone. Her name escapes me at the moment. I thought she was really a lesbian. , great actress, very authentic . Her name will come to me. Nicole , your movies are so professional , so well done. I wish you could do more . Thank you for giving an old lady such pleasure in my final years xo There are so many lesbians who are starved for good movies like yours . I lived in Dallas when your first movie came out. Lesbians had to drive to Austin to see it and lots of them did. I was able to see it later. It was wonderful to finally see a lesbian movie. Keep going . We love you.