This Is The Equivalent of a Drive-By-Drunk-Dialing

Hello… It’s me…

I’m sitting here; it’s 4 in the afternoon and I’m binging on “Drunk History” and feel the need to get into the spirit of the endeavor. So yes, I’m currently half-drunk - okay, maybe it’s more than half, but that doesn’t mean this is just another drunken rant. I’m thinking about the posts I’ve been seeing about New Year’s resolutions.

We use this time as a way to reflect and set a personal agenda for the upcoming year, but most often end up setting unrealistic goals for ourselves. We want to lose weight, get healthy, stop smoking - drinking - overeating - etc., or maybe we want to learn something and step outside our everyday hum-drum life. It’s like we have this masochistic need to see ourselves fail at the end of 364 days just so we can do it all over again next year. And then wonder why we aren’t completely fulfilled with our lives.

Here I sit thinking about all the things I personally would like to achieve in 2016. I’d like to see my writing career skyrocket so I can stop working other menial jobs and focus on what I love. I’d like to travel more, and experience other cultures. Maybe learn a second language - you know, more than just the dirty words or how to order alcoholic beverages. I’d like to meet someone special, maybe even fall in love. Stop just ‘existing’ and actually live - and I realize the elephant in the room when it comes to resolutions is this - they are an awful lot like Birthday wishes. We envision this ‘perfected’ version of ourselves but we don’t really have any clear path to creating these wishes.

So, before I create a yearly “fail agenda” I decided to choose things I actually have a shot in hell of achieving. No more lofty goals destined to be forgotten before the second week of January; a real mission statement for the new year. So here goes…

I’m going to be a little kinder this year.
I’m going to make a conscious effort to promote other people’s work.
I’m going to see what I can do for others instead of always focusing on what’s in it for me.
I’m going to hang out with people I actually enjoy spending time with, and maybe even laugh a little more.
I’m going to learn how to make a perfect martini.
I’m going to listen to one new song and/or artist at least once a month - especially in a music genre I’m not familiar with.
I’m going to go to the movies or out to eat at a restaurant alone.
I’m going to send random encouragement to people I feel need to hear how awesome they are.
I’m going to point out positive things about people I hardly know.
I’m going to not focus on things that bother me.
I’m going to read more nonfiction books.
I’m going to volunteer my time to a cause I believe in.
I’m going to write something I’m passionate about.
I’m going to try and change the way people think about something.
I’m going to say what I’m really thinking instead of what I think people want to hear.
I’m going to be more honest, but still retain the ability to do so kindly.
I’m going to resolve to do one thing this year that scares the hell out of me.