“Really, it’s all about how many days we stay at the parks and whether we’re able to find cheap enough motels. I’ve got a cousin down in Orlando that we could stay with, but we might have to rent a car… I wonder if there’s a bus? Or maybe we could take the bus to Florida instead of flying!”
How Gilmore Girls Do Money: Sookie St. James and Jackson Belleville
Nicole Dieker

I did a bunch of fake math on this: if six people over 10 years old want a 3-day WDW ticket (not Park Hopper), that comes to $1,650 before you count airfare, lodging, food, souvenirs, or any of the other options the St. James-Bellevilles probably want, like Memory Maker.

$2,500 might just be enough. For three days, non-Park Hopper tix.

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