With a click of the share button or a reblog button one’s views are immediately opened to the public or in private to the connections you have made through your life, from your high school teachers and to the far off distant relatives who have not seen you in years but still feels the need to insert their own opinion and to know everything that is happening in your life. It is not just on one platform that this happens on but it is shared through many social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Tumblr. Due to the internet, thoughts and ideas are shared instantly. Two very important issues that have circulated media over the past years more so this year than last are woman’s rights and its place international, especially in Muslim States. I say that these issues are very important not only because I am a woman and it effects me but because of the candidates running for the United States Presidency and how these ideas from this powerful nation can overall effect the nation as a whole. This, however, is my opinion

In 1919 the League of Nations and the International Labour Organization came together and created the Paris Peace Conference. It was in this conference that the first platform for woman's mobilization for inter-state cooperation was established. The conference paved way for woman to create change in the operation of organizations and institutions. The global mobilization on these issues created conflict between the organizations, one who supported woman and the others who didn’t. In this irony, the League of Nations basically said that woman’s issues weren’t really a priority because an individuals rights are not an international concern but a concern to the State and it’s people. The United Nations Decade for Women (1976–1985) the content and form of these globalization organizations developed individual countries status of women. Elevating a womans status would ultimately eradicate discrimination with regulations for equality of woman for socio and economic development. The idea that womans rights were human rights came across the table but was not fully recognized as the same. It is the idea that woman’s rights were not or to some today are not considered to be human rights that leads into feminism now in the western world but more specifically to the Muslim woman of the world.

In my opinion, it is the most disgusting thing to see a Muslim woman be dehumanized because of the way of life that she chose. A Muslim woman is not a “terrorist” because of the religion she practices the same way that a Christian woman is not a member of the KKK( this is something touchy because America does not really recognize the KKK as a terrorist group. It is my belief, however, that they are a radical terrorist hate group). It appalls me of the horrors that these woman face in everyday life, but it is also not my place to tell them how they should live theirs. It is the issue that Muslim woman aren’t even treated humanely in some States that prompt the fact that woman’s rights are human rights. Some will argue that it is within my westerner perspective that I see woman’s rights as human rights and to that it is true but, it also is not. It would also be wrong of me to say that Muslim woman in Muslim communities do not fight for their rights to be seen equal because many do.

It is with importance that we as a western society need to open our eyes and realize that what we have been conditioned to learn by our government since the september 11th, 2001( In which I remember seeing the dark clouds across the bay) about the different muslim communities and cultures are wrong. Even before 9/11 these issues with our ideas about the culture were wrong but were not as mass scaled as it was in 2001 and even in todays society. An chapter in our book touched upon humans rights issues and went into a campaign happening in Iran called the Iranian One Million Signatures Campaign. The goal of the campaign was to remove the discriminatory laws of woman in Iran and to see them as equal as to their male counterparts. It makes note that Iran has international rights treaties that they must go by. To it’s response they say that it is “un-islamic” and “un-Iranian”. This campagin increased feminists alike. The tackled these issues before individually but the campaign tackles all of the issues at once and even brings in the treaties that Iran has signed. This helps woman publicly and privately for their protection because it is their right to be treated equal and humanely.

“A movement of people working for change across and despite national boundaries, not of representatives of nation states or national governments … we must be global, recognizing that the oppression of women in one part of the world is often affected by what happens in another, and that no woman is free until the conditions of oppression of women are eliminated everywhere.”(Pg 318) It does not end here and there is a long ways to go. If you take a look at the Presidential debate happening in America you can see these issues and these fears take a hold of citizens. If you can see it in such a “progressive” State, one can only imagine what awaits in another.

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[I will revist this later as my words could be said better through more thought process and an update with issues globally.]

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