Introducing Second Guess Social on Alexa

Second Guess Social is the first and only Flash Briefing covering the latest in social media marketing news. You can expect daily, original content on platform updates, industry news and top performing brands — and it all begins today.

Photo cred to Backchannel.

If you’re not sure who’s owning something, you are. I was quick to adore my new Echo Dot’s Flash Briefing feature, but couldn’t find content that would relate to my day ahead working as a social media strategist. When Jessi Hempel claimed that “voice is the next big platform”, I believed her. So I started working on Second Guess Social.

I strongly believe there are no experts when it comes to digital marketing. The industry is in a hyper-sped state of evolution, and I’m nearly certain you haven’t read each of Facebook’s blog posts. Being a dedicated and curious learner is what makes you stand out in this field. I hope to help my friends, colleagues and new professionals along with the content I create for this new project.

The idea developed in seconds. The “skill,” as Amazon calls it, was developed over several days of getting familiar with AWS and JSON (s/o Chris and Zach for the advice!) I’m proud that in the end I stuck it out and produced this on my own. But now, I could use your support.

I plan to dedicate a good amount of time to this. It’s daily content, after all. I can’t wait to invite the first friends and colleagues to share their input. But to do that, I need an audience. Here’s where I ask you to…

  • Share this post with at least one other social marketing professional who may want to join in.
  • Tell me your thoughts and ideas using #SecondGuessSocial on Twitter. Speak up if you’re open to being a guest host — or make nominations!
  • Tune in when I go live Wednesday evening to kick off the first original content.
  • And, of course, enable the Second Guess Social skill for your Alexa device.

To address one question I can forecast, for now, I’m planning on keeping content strictly on the Flash Briefing platform. I realize this adds the challenge of tech adoption, and also introduces some accessibility concerns, but there are plenty of great podcasts out there covering social media marketing. Second Guess Social is something new and different.

Now, the countdown begins. Tune in for your first original content Second Guess Social Flash Briefing on Thursday, Jan. 5th.