Room with a spectacular view at HikkaTranz by Cinnamon, Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka.

Paradise Island: a glance through

Let me take you through Sri Lanka; an underrated island nation to the south of India beyond the Palk strait. My trip to Sri Lanka included driving along Galle road parallel to the azure coastline for the West and Southern regions.

I was pleasantly surprised with the difference in weather after every fifteen kilometers! Along with the weather, I saw difference in vegetation and topography too. The coastal areas were hot while the interiors and the hilly regions were too cool to walk around in simple clothing.

I have captured a few pictures from the areas I visited across the country. Have a look.

Beach stretch at Beruwala

This panorama shot was at the natural small bay at Beruwala. This was the scene right outside the resort.

The water sports centre on the Bentota river

I captured this picture while getting ready for a session of water sports. It was at this place that I spotted the harmless second land monitor.

Anglican Church at Galle Fort

I visited Galle Fort on one evening while I was staying at a beautiful hotel in Hikkaduwa. The fort complex took me back in time to the Dutch era. The streets, architecture and the people, all of them seemed like they were part of this pretty world tucked behind high walls. I captured this front view of the Anglican Church in the Galle Fort complex.

Leopard spotting at Yala

While I was in and around Yala, my sole aim was to spot a leopard considering it is the only place in the world with such a high density of leopard. However, spotting a leopard is quite difficult if they don’t want to be spotted. But then there are those teens who like lounging in the evening sun…and that is exactly what I captured with the help of a special lens and apparatus.

Waterfall at Ella Town

I didn’t take the train ride from Ella to Kandy but I did drive through Nuwara Eliya and Ella and crossed this gushing and refreshing waterfall on the way. #Bliss & #calm.

Boat ride on the Mahaveli river in Kandy

I’m not sure how many take a boat ride on the Mahaveli while in Kandy…if you are even faintly interested in flora & fauna, you must take one. The bridge in the picture appears in the movie ‘The bridge on the river Kwai’ from 1957.

As the last picture for this post, I have included the clear blues of Hikkaduwa. Pictures however do not do justice to the natural beauty of this paradise island. Travel to Sri Lanka to witness paradise.

Ciao for now!

Clear blue waters at Hikkaduwa. Captured from HikkaTranz by Cinnamon.