The pandemic has revealed how tired women are from work and housework. Did the gains from second-wave feminism deliver liberation or overworked and underpaid women?

A clothesline with colorful pegs.

Sandra Oh’s stunning performance can’t hide the glaring issues that are missing from Netflix’s ‘The Chair’

A photo of Sandra Oh, Nana Mensah and Holland Taylor in “The Chair”.

I’ve often found myself wondering how such a groundbreaking show could become so utterly boring

Charlotte, Carrie and Miranda.

How bell hooks taught me to explore my relationship with art to discover how the world works and how we could imagine otherwise.

Photo of the author on a mirror in Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro.
Photo by Nicole Froio.

Girlbossing is dead, but what does that mean?

Meme that reads “all a girlboss needs is a girlbreak.”

As we brace for a regression in abortion rights, we have to reckon with what coercive pregnancies mean in white supremacist capitalism.

Photo of a person holding a sing that reads “My body, my choice” in Spanish.
Photo by Malvestida Magazine on Unsplash. Sign reads “My body, my choice.”

A tweet accusing leftist men of not helping in the kitchen revived the question of housework as work. What can we learn from this?

Photo by Antenna on Unsplash.

Adele’s latest album is a lesson in self-reflection and personal growth. What can we learn from her new songs?

A photo of a hand taking notes in a notebook.
Photo by Hannah Olinger on Unsplash.

Nicole Froio

Columnist, reporter, researcher, feminist. Views my own. #Latina. Tip jar:

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