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The Man From The Shadows

Who is it? What is it? Why is it?

Photo by Charlie Egan on Unsplash

One day, reports of a strange creature pop up around a large city.
The creature, described as humanoid and solid black, has no facial features or other visible body parts on it head.

Dubbed “The Shadowman” by the media, it terrorizes and attacks several students from a local private high school, as well as a judge, F.B.I agent, high-profile lawyer, and even the mayor; all of whom are discovered to be parents of the targeted students.

Witness report that the creature could sink into any nearby floor or wall, acting as a shadow. Moreover, it can even shapeshift into its targets own shadows to fool them. It strikes through physical contact with its target’s shadow or the shadow of anything with reach.

Following a few attacks, blurry cellphone video footage pops up all over social media, but skepticism reigns supreme on most of the videos.
Despite the terror and physical assaults it inflicts, no one has yet to be killed by it.

Struggling to understand what this creature is, where it came from, and why it is terrorizing and attacking people proves challenging beyond any suspension of disbelief.

In response, a city-wide curfew is put in place in case “The Shadowman” suddenly changes its choice in targets.

Also, heavier security details are added to the private school, as well as to the targeted families.

An investigation is opened to find out who or what “The Shadowman” is, and what it wants.

As its reign of terror escalates, so is the fight to stop it.