Seafood Donburi with Tuna Tataki

I had tuna tataki for the first time at a sushi place in my neighborhood. I find it more tasty than sashimi and tuna steak. Donburi is really a good way of preparing a meal with carbs, protein and some vegetable in one bowl-simple in a fancy way.

Basically for a seafood donburi you can use any sashimi grade fish, just a matter of color and taste. I used tuna, scallop, cucumber, garlic sprout and nori. Tamagoyaki (Japanese rolled omelette), avocado, shrimps and salmon will also do.

I dissolved wasabi in light soy sauce then dip the tuna filet into it quickly(this is important)so that each side of the stake is seasoned. Then I put the stake into a mixture of white and black sesame seeds. Gave it a gentle press so the sesame seeds are well attatched to the surface of the fish.

Sear the fish in a hot pan with a little bit of sesame oil, each side for 30 seconds-the tuna tataki is done.

I cut the fish into half cm thick slices and arranged them on a bowl of steamed Japanese rice. Followed with sliced cucumber, two pieces of sashimi grade scallop, garlic sprout and nori. Grilled nori is so great to go with freshly steamed rice-just a bit soy souce and there you go!

For dipping,this donburi goes perfectly with soy sauce + wasabi. I also tried chili mayo, fits well, too. Ponzu is another good option.

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