How to survive Freshers’ Week?

5 tips to make sure you survive Freshers’ Week!

  1. Look after yourself and friends!

Freshers week is all about having fun and enjoying yourself, but make sure you and your friends are in a safe environment.

2. Transport home!

Know the address to your accommodation if you plan on getting home by Taxi. Have a few Taxi companies in your phone book. Getting home by bus might be the cheaper option if you’re not staying out too late.

3. Know Your Budget!

For Freshers’ week plan your budget so you know how much money you intend on spending. Just don’t spend all your money on alcohol in the first week.

4. Have cooked meals!

Don’t survive on alcohol all week. Take turns with your room mates to cook meals. Ready meals from the supermarket are quick, but aren’t always the best option as the costs adds up.

5. Keep an eye on your drinks!

Never leave your drinks unattended even if you think you’re only going to be a minute. This can give someone a chance to put anything in them!

Keep Safe and enjoy yourself!

Written by Nicole