CNA Week 8

Ted Cruz, Who is Not the Zodiac Killer, Acknowledges a Long-Running Joke

New York Times records the account of Ted Cruz acknowledging the running joke of him being compared to the Zodiac killer of California based on his look. It appears as though Cruz played into the joke through a reply tweet on Twitter. The public thought this was an entertaining meme during the 2016 Presidential Election, and has continued it through now.

Supreme Court to Consider Major Digital Privacy Case on Microsoft Email Storage

The Supreme Court accepted a case in whether the U.S. should be storing Microsoft emails overseas. The Washington Post writes about the complications the country could face through sensitive data being leaked or getting into the wrong hands through this current storage system. Some of this data could be criminal activity that is being sent outside of U.S. jurisdiction.

Federal Judge Blocks Latest Trump Travel Ban

A federal judge in Hawaii blocked the latest Trump travel ban, NBC News reports. He denied the restriction of five of the six countries that were banned. The Department of Justice says that it will be appealed very quickly as it is necessary for national security.

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