Amazon’s ‘Interesting Finds’ Is Actually Pretty Rad

Amazon recently launched a highly curated collection of products and it’s actually kind of awesome.

Amazon’s Interesting Finds Landing Page

A fresh, clean design is an extreme departure from their typical info-laden site. They’ve stripped away left-hand navigation, eliminated product wall reviews, and even have a simplified dialogue box that pops up when you select a product, serving as the final gateway before entering back into the shitstorm of ads, recommendations, and everything else that lives in the Amazon vortex.

Dialogue box that appears when a product is selected.

For someone who is hopelessly swayed by consumer reviews (it feels like I can’t buy anything until I read through ~500 reviews of the product first), this streamlined approach to Amazon shopping has really caught my eye. I’m left with nothing but the product image and price, with the option to “favorite” the item by selecting the heart in the corner. Oh, and the best part: no Sponsored Products or Frequently Bought Together sections that so often lead me into endless product comparisons and ultimately never completing my purchase.

Be gone with you, Sponsored Products!

Resembling small business sites that display simple, stylized product photos and minimal design aesthetics, I have to wonder if this is Amazon’s attempt at wrangling in those “shop small” consumers who avoid mass production items in favor of locally made, more unique options. Particularly with the holidays around the corner, this would be a competitive move toward luring in Small Business Saturday shoppers, who still can’t resist the appeal of super-fast shipping and that something-for-everyone convenience.

Example of a local Oregon online shop.

Whatever their motives are, Interesting Finds is certainly an interesting move for Amazon. For now, I’m happy to be a test dummy for whatever they have cooking behind the curtain and will definitely take advantage of this cleaned up and classy shopping experience.