The Truth About #SocialSelling

Hootsuite featured Koka Sexton, founder of Social Selling Labs as a guest speaker for this weeks #hootchat and engaged in various questions about social selling. Various people discussed their views and perspectives on the effectiveness on social selling, a lot was learned and it is time for you to be a social selling guru.

What is social selling? According to Sexton, social selling is “leveraging your personal brand to fill your sales pipeline. How you do it is where the devil is, in the details.” As philosophical as this may sound, it means to pay attention to the presentation of your brand and how you appeal to your audience. The way to sell is to research and appeal to your audience while paying attention details.

  • What are you selling?
  • What platform are are you using?
  • Who is your audience? Age? Demographics?
  • What platforms are your consumers using?

All of these are questions are important and should be taken into consideration when selling on social media.
Another aspect is the confusion between social selling and social marketing. According to Sexton, “Marketing has a budget to target buyers with sponsored content. Salespeople use their networks to engage with the buyers.” There is a difference in the audience size, initial users the strategy and how social selling and social marketing appear social media. It is important to now the difference. When using tactics to increase the revenue of product sales it is crucial to know what is the correct strategies to use and how to attain the most success.

In addition, your goals, your tactics of social selling and your selection of social media platforms go hand in hand. Social selling has become a part of public relations and advertising for big name companies, family companies, individual sales people and public figures. Hootsuite posed the question, “How can social selling help you reach your sales goals? The answer is DO IT. Everything has become social, online and public. Social selling is based on educating buyers & developing relationships with consumers and A+B=$. It is also important to know some basic tactics for success. First of all, do some research. Research is key and know what platform to use but most important be honest, be present, be genuine and of course, be social.
Furthermore, take into consideration what not to do when engaging in social selling.

  • Don’t be pushy.
  • Don’t choose the wrong platform.
  • Don’t forget to establish a relationship with consumers.
  • Don’t be aggressive.
  • Don’t forget to research.

Good communication is successful, but great communication brings sales through the roof. Make sure to research, appeal to audiences, target consumers and sell, sell, sell. It is key to look into emerging trends of social selling to stay ahead of the game with competitors. As Sexton stated, social selling is not a game for the lazy, keep focused, be present and don’t lose sight of your goal you would like to achieve from social selling.

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