Confession of a Social Media Manager:

If you have been following my blog posts, you’ll know I recently launched my own Social Media Consulting Business. You can find my “big” reasons why I decided to go this route in my life on my website, but I wanted to talk about my “small” reasons today.
When I look at my life in retrospect, becoming a Social Media Manager was something I could have done many years ago-but I wasn’t ready. Well, that, and I don’t think I realized I could do this as a “job”; mainly because ten years ago, it wasn’t one. I was (and still am) that person who got butterflies in her stomach when I heard that Facebook came out with a new update, or Instagram added a new filter…and I would be made fun of for it every single time.
I am not saying in any way that friends or family bullied me, but they definitely teased. I would get made fun of for being happy for new updates and data, and my friends would simply be annoyed. I’d get the “why fix something that isn’t broken” argument, and I would respond: “To make it better!”
Today, while I was in one of my social media groups, someone posted some memes that gave “blunt, real-life” job descriptions. Social media manager was one of them. We were described as “People with the Twitter Password.” The article was absolutely 100% in jest, and I get it. Whether it’s on a site like The Onion or it’s simply a meme going around Facebook, it’s meant to make us laugh. Yet. how much would you enjoy someone making fun of your business-your livelihood? Once in a while, you heave a sigh and roll your eyes. I had one of those br
When I tell people what I do for a living, the first thing they say is “Wow, so you get paid to be on Facebook all day?” as if it’s something they wish they could do. I assure you, I do not sit around looking for funny cat videos all day (at least not on my client’s time!). What I do is market on behalf of my client, whether it is a personal or business brand. I have to always be thinking about what kinds of strategies are going to help my clients get the most reach out into a sea of millions or billions of people. My day is spent looking at graphs, conducting case studies, and creating digital media. I am a researcher, a copywriter, a blogger, a graphic designer, a strategist, an advertiser, a marketer, and sometimes, a public relations officer. I coach my clients, teach them, and sometimes handhold them through the ups and downs of their businesses. Sometimes it’s filled with looking at some really amazing content, and other days it is really hard work. Sure, once in a while I get to make a Starbucks my office space for a few hours, but other days I am trying to make dinner while finishing up a blog post to meet a deadline.
I don’t know when society started to judge people in the way of their job titles. My luck, it was probably something that started on social media. That said, what I hope you get out of this blog post is that sometimes we need to think about what we say before we say it. I am never going to assume I know a damn thing about being a chef, owning a car dealership or being a real estate agent-so please, don’t assume that all a social media manager does is play on Facebook all day.