TITLE VII: Here’s What People Are Saying!

I think our cast and crew knew when we had the final script that our microbudget feature, TITLE VII, was going to be something special. Being that the title refers to the 1964 Civil Rights Act which banned employment discrimination based on sex, race, color and national origin, we knew the twists and turns the story would take may make audiences uncomfortable but ultimately offer the use of art to expose workplace harassment.

Our story covers the tragic circumstance of a Black female CEO whose world is turned upside down during the course of one day. But Hillary Kelsey (played by the talented Chicava HoneyChild) is no shrinking violet. Her brass and ballsy management style paves the way for a host of employees who embody bad behavior all day long. The TITLE VII team — including the crew led by DP Cybel Martin—were committed to telling a compelling story in the most authentic way possible.

Here’s what some of you are saying:

  • Title VII is chilling. We should all see it and talk about what it does to us. Chicava HoneyChild is a brave actress. ~Kate Wood, Producer, Burkewood Creative
  • Director Nicole Franklin has an eye for capturing the fly on the wall neutrality of human suffering. ~William Derrick, Writer/Director/Actor
  • OMG! I was hooked from the beginning and watched it straight through the end with a roller coaster of emotions. Empathy. Sympathy. Pissed-off-ness (if there’s such a word) and, just — daay-um!!!! Nicole Franklin brilliantly illustrated that when it comes to Title VII, EVERYBODY is in damn violation. It’s a vicious cycle with the victims becoming the victimizers. TITLE VII is a Powerful, Raw, in-your-face work of “shame on you” art. ~ Sheila Banks, Master Storyteller/Author
  • Strong relatable story to all women striving to stand confidently while dancing with KARMA!~Kimmarie Cooper, Actress/Producer/Writer
  • Title VII film…well directed, well cast, well acted. Catch it if you can. ~Katherine Bulovic, Production Designer
  • Title VII is a unique and daring film with a dramatic story that perfectly compliments its despicably charming characters. I would never want to meet any of these broken people in real life, but their backstories and performances are so compelling, I couldn’t look away. In a brilliant directorial choice, Franklin takes full advantage of long takes to allow the actors to give stage like performances. Not to mention, the dialogue is as caustic as it is insightful. Overall, Title VII is clever without being too showy.” ~Kyle Meeks, Filmmaker/Photographer
  • TITLE VII asks us to take a good look at ourselves. We may not like what we see, but we need to look, really look. Hillary Kelsey’s character offers a cautionary tale that reminds us we must first accept and love ourselves, in all of our imperfections, before we can love others, or expect love and respect in return. ~Sylvia D. Hamilton, Filmmaker/Writer, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Nicole Franklin’s TITLE VII tackles racism, gender and same race discrimination in such a fierce, no holds barred way, the effect is that of a fevered dream. With a bravura performance by Chicava Honeychild as CEO Hilary Kelsey and terrific cast, TITLE VII is a brave and gripping work, guaranteed to stir rich, important discussion. ~Myra Velasquez, Filmmaker/Director/Playwright
  • Congratulations to the lovely, and talented Nicole Franklin along with her cast, and crew on her very entertaining film #TITLE VII, that I had the pleasure of seeing today at The People’s Film Festival at a screening in Harlem USA. Compelling, and intense with good acting, and character development that addresses several layers of corporate action as it relates to discrimination, sexism, racism, Civil Rights, insecurities, and much more, in the workplace. It’s grown folks entertainment that keeps you involved. See it. You’ll be glad you did. ~Harold McDonald
  • I had the opportunity to watch this wonderful and ferociously independent film from Nicole Franklin. The powerful opening scene alone is worth the price of admission. I’m one to watch many movies, both studio and independent, and I can’t think of a opening scene that captures the correct portrayal people of color feel during such incidents. It’s not over the top or a bunch of people yelling and cursing, just very subtle and convincing in it’s direction and movement. The cinematography of the film was absolutely amazing, the camera is always moving. The black and white format was the exact perfect fit for this film, I can’t see this film being any other way than B&W. I’ll also be the first to admit this film might not be for everyone. It makes you think deeply about a number of issues and can shock you with a number of scenes that might make folks uncomfortable. But in my humble opinion that’s what independent films are suppose to do, make you think harder and at the same time hit you in the face with shocking scenes. Nicole Franklin’s Title VII does that and more. I hope Mrs. Franklin continues her career in feature film narrative productions, because the potential is there for her to be one of the best.~Malcolm Carter, Filmmaker
  • My students and I have just watched “Title VII,” Nicole Franklin’s feature film about job discrimination. I don’t want to give any spoilers, but I can say that every type of discrimination is there, all in a day at the office. I can’t recommend the film enough; it was riveting! (P.S. It was also great to read my name on the credits as a consultant.) The viewing was followed by a Q & A session which gave us the privilege of discussing the film with its creator. I really enjoyed it because I find it particularly rewarding to hear about how artists conceive of and produce their craft. For my students, the film illustrated a number of ideas that we have been discussing since January.~Dr. Vânia Penha-Lopes, Professor and TITLE VII Film Consultant

TITLE VII is an official selection at a number of film festivals this year. You may find our screening schedule here and we are looking forward to your reviews! Please submit them to Rotten Tomatoes by clicking here.

TITLE VII is a 72-minute feature film from director Nicole Franklin and stars Chicava HoneyChild, Fidel Vicioso and Brian Anthony Wilson. The film was lensed by DP Cybel Martin. The screenplay was written by Nicole Franklin and Craig T. Williams and adapted from the novel Within The Walls by Daisy M. Jenkins. TITLE VII premiered at the Hollywood Black Film Festival February 2017. Visit #TITLEVIIFilm on social media and at www.NicoleFranklin.com/cine.