Musings: Day One

I thought about this post all day. What the hell are you going to write about? Why do you feel the need to write anything? Will anyone read it? Will anyone care? As it stands currently, the answers are as follows: I have no idea, I don’t know, Probably not, See prior answer.

This post is certainly not meant to be profound or life-altering in any way, yet, it feels a little big for me. I mean, quite frankly, for all of my talk about how I want to write, I manage to avoid it like I avoid eating lima beans. That being said, I am tired of the rut and so I am going to climb out of it. Truth be told, hitting the “Publish” button fills me with the kind of fear I would think best reserved for motivating you to retreat from a saber tooth tiger. I recognize, however, that at least I am sitting here typing right now, and that is pretty damn cool.

Time to go. Mission accomplished.