Me on London

I left London about a month ago for good. Shortly after the plane had taken off I had the urge to write something down. This is what I wrote down. I like it for its purity and how it just came out of me without even thinking about it. When I read it, it invokes positive feelings about London inside me despite some critical undertones in the text.

picture taken from the balcony at the last place I lived at in London(Mile End/Bethnal Green)
Three years. Every time I would fly back to Germany to visit friends & family I would look forward to it. Ask everyone if they are in the country and want to meet up.
This time it is different. This time I have no idea when or if I will return to London. Whether I like it or not — London has become a part of me and I have become a part of London. One of the millions of tiny parts that make up this buzzing ever flowing stream of human life in all of its diverse aspects. When I came to London I had only been there twice before and I liked it. We went with school and then I went to spend a week with some friends. Funnily I didn’t reconnect with those friends in the last three years. I was just too busy. Everybody seems busy in London all the time. And when when you’re not busy — make sure you’re spending your time with something that is exciting to talk about. Fly somewhere, take the train out of the city, go to a concert or something or a street market. Oh no, I didn’t do anything, I just chilled and watched YouTube. That was usually my response after I started working. Maybe it was just me or maybe it was the people I surrounded myself with but I felt like you were also supposed to do something. No down time. It might be the normal state in a city. Young, professional and the world is yours. It might also be that feeling of — I’m here, right at the pulse of the western world. This was something that excited me, too. Everything seems significant. Real grown up stuff.