Letter to Ivanka
Isabel Rose

Dear Isabel,

I know you have received a lot of comments. I don´t know if you will read mine. But I have to write it, anyway. First, let me tell you that you are an inspiration for the world. And, by saying the world, is bacause your message has outreached the U.S. You see, I was born and live in Guatemala. So, if I do make any mistakes in this message, my apologies. My mother language, you see, is spanish.

Your powerful and loving and truthful letter moved me beyond explanation. You are brave and a wonderful supporting mother. In my country, transgender, LGT, and anyone different, is not also not accepted, but bullied in forms you wouldn´t believe. We have no laws to protect them. Parents like us are always scared. I am mother of a wonderful brave an loving gay boy. He studied abroad, (guess where), not only because of his artistic talent, but because it was painful and scary to live and to “be himself” here in Guatemala. I remember when he joyfully told us about the transgender bathrooms, and, since I already knew a few of his transgender friends, understood their happiness. When gay marriage was approved all over your country, he was beyond joyful. This year he is living in NY on his OPT Visa, doing an internship and working very hard. But, sooner or later he will have to return.

In the beggining when he was a boy who already knew his truth, we were not supportive nor understanding. We did not have that human quality I read in your letter. My husband and I were scared. Tried, by all means, to bring some sense to him, when we were the ones that had to be sensitive and open. We don´t have the professional support you have in the US, we are a catholic and strictcly “moral” country. All that nonsense was harmful for our boy. Who also dressed as princess and always played female roles. We were always shocked and uncomfortable. He was hurt.

I, as a mother, have been on a long journey of loving acceptance. I am very proud of what he has achieved and of whom he became. But as I read your letter regret woke in my heart. When he was young we were not what we were supposed to be: supporting and loving and loving. (did I mention loving?)

Congratulations and thank you, thank you very much. You are the kind of human being this world needs.

My admiration for you and your family.


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