Dear Concerned Humans of Twitter:

Here’s why Airline staff don’t worry too much about whether or not they can wear #leggings…because as staff travellers they know that travel benefits are an extraordinary perk even though there are a few rules to follow, including a dress code that gets updated every few years to reflect changing trends. Everyone knows the rules and occasionally when it’s busy, tempers might get frayed. Staff with young kids sometimes decide that ‘standby’ isn’t worth the stress anymore.

The number one rule is that the comfort of paying pax comes first — and second that getting paxing crew to where they need to be is more important than your convenience or your holiday schedule. Sometimes that means your trip doesn’t quite go as planned.

And honestly, not being able to wear #leggings and following a dress code are at the bottom of the list of minor annoyances that are a regular feature of staff travel life.

Things that happen to staff travellers all the time:

1. You are the last served food and if they run out of food too bad.

2. You could get shifted into the seat with the broken AV on a long haul flight because a paying pax complains.

3. Sam Neill (the Actor) could decide he wants your long haul seat to LAX so you get moved (no dramas Sam).

4. You could get woken up mid-flight and moved from a goodish seat to a baddish seat because a paying pax complains.

5. You could get separated from your other half on a long haul flight (after the door closes) because a last minute VIP or paxing crew jumps on board.

The Good Old Days: In First Class as a Staff Traveller. Yeah I’m Happy.

6. You could get the last seat on a flight three minutes before it departs, have to run from one end of the airport to the other and put up with evil looks as you board by everyone who thinks you delayed the plane — it wasn’t you it was probably the high status paying pax who didn’t show.

7. You could be relaxing after the door closes on a long haul flight only to be deplaned because a paxing crew needs your seat.

8. You could get stuck for days paying hotel expenses waiting for the first available seats home. Or you might have to split the family up over several trips to get everyone home. It’s quite something to watch how a family decides who is going to go home close to midnight at LAX but it happens all the time.

9. You could spend every moment at the BBQ getting hassled by friends about their niggly Airline complaints.

10. Whether you’re in 1a or 57e, you don’t care 🤷‍(much) because that’s the game and you feel blessed to get to travel as much as you do for fun and work in an industry that’s at the heart of modern life. Sometimes you fly in steerage and often in the most amazing luxury.

Thanks for your concern. I promise airline staff are doing just fine.

With Love

A former Airline Stafferxxx