You’ve Got Mail Arc 1: As if we’re already in the middle of a conversation


Some of us might be familiar with the (amazing) movie called “You’ve Got Mail” starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, directed by Nora Ephron. I remember watching this movie for the first time in 2007, and loved it. Then I watched it preodically as the time went by. Usually once in a year. And every year, I realized that, it was still relatable on so many levels for me. The movie was released on 1998, so as a 90s kid, a lot of things were still there and alive for me. Like the internet, chatrooms, bookstores, and a city’s visible seasonal changes. As the years passed, there were other things that gained a place in my life such as affairs, business, love, lies, so on. So, every You’ve Got Mail session meant a lot for me on annual basis.

So these pieces of arc are dedicated for this simply exquisite movie while we just passed its 19th anniversery. Also, spoiler alert.

This is take one.

I’m just gonna jump right into the Shopgirl’s message to NY152 saying,

“I like to start my notes as if we’re already in the middle of a conversation…”

That was the first thing that literally struck me instantly. As if we already in the middle of the conversation. Such powerfull words. Intimate and sweet at the same time. I remember dreaming of saying these words to someone I hold dear. Spoilers, I did. Then that someone meant somehting more than anything and became a stranger. I’ll get to that later.

She lives the thrill of unknown, Kathleen, with her pacamas and bed hair, she waits impaitently to connect and to hear from Joe. She knows that she’ll be safe and sound. She says,

“I pretend that we’re the oldest and dearest friends, as opposed to what we actually are…”

Even in 2007, I knew that we were all strangers walking pass one another not knowing anyhing about the other. When we are supposed to know, we directly run to the internet for the answers. Or just not bother at all. It’s 2018. Any objections? Before I turn into a some old lady nagging on how technology ruined our relationships and everything, I just want to say that when I realized that I actually used Kathleen’s words to some stranger, I too, felt the thrill of unknown and gazed upon it. I enjoyed it to the fullest. Then I got curious, I wanted more, I wanted a revelation, find answers to all the questions I had, exactly like Kathleen, I did find them. Multiple times. Most of the time, they were not pretty. I have to seperate myself from Kathleen on this though, hers is only one of the answers. A pretty one, as Hollywood required maybe. I had my answers in every single way.

Using sunscreen is actually healthy.

Tomato is actually a fruit. I still can’t get over this one.

One answer for me was to realize movies can be relatable.

Another was that the fact that people can break you in all sorts of ways. Like saying “Hello,” or “I love you,” or the worst one, “Goodbye”.

Bad people exist. And they can be disguised as good people.

Santa does not exist though.

Closest ones are the ones who hurt you the most.

Some of these kept me from unknown and thrill for a while, or life in short (that’s what I like to call life: unknown and thrill) but I always came back for more answers.

Because that’s the best thing we do. Seek and find and you’ll be surprised.

Dear Friend,

Thank you for the answer.