Do not plan a wedding that ends in disaster — join Wedding Planner Institute in Delhi

Wedding day is the most important day of a person’s life so if you are the designated wedding planner, make sure you don’t make mistakes and cover for any contingencies. This could only be done by gaining sufficient experiences (by making mistakes — I hope not) or by enrolling in IIEM, the best Wedding Planner Institute in Delhi.

To pull off a successful wedding requires — planning, coordination, managing, budgeting, shopping, catering, execution and a million other things. To be a successful wedding planner you have to be pro-active during whole planning & execution phase. Many small things can go wrong on the main day so you have to work smartly & know how to handle them.

This comes from years of experience or learning skills from other experienced persons. Therefore, if Wedding Planner is your career goal, join IIEM, the best Wedding Planner Institute in Delhi.

We have gathered some real stories where lack of proper planning resulted in a wedding that ended in disaster.

The wedding reception in which the deck collapsed dumping the couple and 80 guests into a muddy lake

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An experienced wedding planner would have known to check for sound structure of the venue. In the above case as we can see how an unsound structure could ruin the bride’s day. Guest fell into the muddy water including a baby and bride’s wheel-chair bound mother. Although bride & groom didn’t let it matter much but this type of situation could ruin any wedding planner’s business.

At Wedding Planner Institute, students are taught about such contingencies before finalizing any venue.

The bride who brought down a plane during the throwing of the bouquet ritual

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Although this seems hilarious but the bouquet throwing ritual ended in disaster as the bouquet got sucked into the plane’s engine and one passenger was badly hurt.

I’m sure the planner of this wedding had to face huge embarrassment and many question regarding their planning. These cases are not daily occurrences still we have to think from every angle and plan for every worst situation that can happen only then you can be a successful wedding planner.

The bride injured and one man killed after the crane which was to bring the bride down, collapsed

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One person died and four people were injured when the hydraulic crane carrying the bride in a crystal platform collapsed. Crane was parked in an uneven and muddy ground because of which a beautiful event transferred into someone’s death.

Some of the most common mistakes that are bothersome but not worth mentioning in newspapers

  • Rain ruining outdoor settings mainly mandap
  • Mandap collapsing due to huge weight
  • Lack of lights making photographs not good
  • Traffic delays taking toll on guests & bride waiting for baraat
  • Forgetting ceremony ingredients or missing some essential puja ingredients as they differ from culture to culture
  • DJ or Band cancelling without advance notice
  • Mix-up of veg and non-veg food
  • Flower delivery cancelled

A successful wedding planner doesn’t rely on luck but plan for every small details and have backup for all imaginable contingencies.

This is only a small part as to why you need a good wedding planner institute in Delhi. Not only your reputation depends on successful wedding celebration but also realization of someone’s dreams are in your hands too. From young age Indian girls plan to be married in a certain way. They have an idea of their perfect wedding day and it is your responsibility as a wedding planner to shape those ideas into reality and give them a memorable day.

IIEM is a Wedding Planner Institute in Delhi where we try to create professional well versed in planning & executing, out of box, creative & memorable wedding events.