how I pace flat rings into the carpet
Notes On Waiting For The Dog To Find The Perfect Place To Take A Shit While Morning Cuts Through…
Hanif Abdurraqib

I don’t actually pace around the house waiting for my wife to get home. Still, it’s another dog parallel. I do pace around the house a lot. I work from home a lot, and I’m a very mobile thinker. I do my best thinking and form my best ideas either in the shower, or in motion. Sometimes both. I have paced in small circles in the shower. There are definitely times when I am working, and I will need to take a break and walk laps around the apartment. Of course, we all miss someone we love when we’re without them for long periods of time. But I’m almost always pacing. I would think that on my most creative and productive days, I’m only standing or siting still about 15% of the time.

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