for what it is to leave and eventually return to the space in a bed that is yours and yours alone
Notes On Waiting For The Dog To Find The Perfect Place To Take A Shit While Morning Cuts Through…
Hanif Abdurraqib

In very real life, I’m gone more often than I’d like to be. I’m doing readings all over, or I’m traveling to see a concert, or whatever. I didn’t value sleeping in my own bed until I started to share one with someone who cares about me. When I was single and lived alone in my reckless early 20s, I would spend most of my time sleeping on my couch with the TV on. I can’t appreciate enough what it means to have a bed to sleep in with someone. Even though I am a terrible sleeper. I am definitely one of the worst sleepers in the game. I snore, I flail a lot. I keep the bedside light on far too long, watching YouTube videos of pandas. I’m still evolving. You don’t go from couch with the TV on to respectable adult sleeper after a year. It takes a while to undo that. I’ll get it down soon.

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