perhaps on the crest of each stiff blade of grass hangs the eternal name of someone who was once loved but is now vanished
Notes On Waiting For The Dog To Find The Perfect Place To Take A Shit While Morning Cuts Through…
Hanif Abdurraqib

We have a really adorable but always anxious dog. Her name is Liebchen, but everyone calls her Liebs. I love her a whole lot. Except for when we go to the bathroom in the mornings. She doesn’t really get a lot of pleasure out of being outside. Everything either distracts her or makes her anxious. So it takes her especially long to figure out a safe and comfortable place to go to the bathroom. Romantic that I am, I began to imagine this alternate reality. Where all of her grass sniffing and pacing in circles was simply her trying to recall a memory of someone she had loved, a memory that lived in the grass. In truth, that’s likely not real. But it helps when it’s 20 degrees out, and your dog is on her 5th minute of sniffing.

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