If You Like Donald Trump, You Will Love Hillary Clinton

Hard as it may have been to believe one year ago, Donald Trump might very well be the next President of the United States. But just what is drawing voters to him?

There are those who support Trump for his racism, sexism, and/or xenophobia. Others are drawn to his militaristic bombast. And for some the appeal is the Donald Trump character — the villain, the liar, the manipulator.

Of course, there are other justifications for supporting Trump, but if you are backing ‘The Donald’ for one or all of the reasons above, then I would strongly suggest you take a second look at Hillary Clinton.

You may just fall in love.

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If you like Donald Trump’s often overt racism, then you will love Hillary Clinton.

If Trump’s racism gets your red-white-and blue blood boiling, then you have a champion in both words and deeds in Hillary Clinton.

If you like Donald Trump’s sexism and misogyny, you will love Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump’s sexism is like that of a drunk, red-faced uncle on Thanksgiving. Hillary’s is that of someone who has climbed through a hatch in the glass ceiling, before calmly instructing a subordinate to fill the hole with concrete.

If you like Donald Trump’s unique relationship with the truth, you will love Hillary Clinton.

If you are looking to run this presidential race with someone who plays fast and loose with the truth — Trump is a high school letterman, while Hillary Clinton is an Olympic-level liar.

If you like Donald Trump’s militarism, you will love Hillary Clinton.

There are those who call Donald Trump a bully. And like any good bully, he talks a big game about things he is going to do. But some people write rhymes, others write checks. When it comes to warmongering, you can take Hillary Clinton to the bank.

If you like Donald Trump’s attitude toward immigrants, you will love Hillary Clinton.

If it is Donald Trump’s words expressing his adamancy against illegal immigrants and his desire to build a wall to prove his point that turns your crank, perhaps you should build a bridge over to camp Clinton.

If you like Donald Trump specifically because he is the villain, then you will love Hillary Clinton.

If supporting Trump is like rolling a pack of cigarettes in your sleeve and spitting on the sidewalk, then you are selling your adversarial self short. There is a much more despised and much more ghoulish villain out there for you in Hillary Clinton.

Perhaps you are a blue collar worker whose industry and community was destroyed by the Clinton’s disastrous North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in the 1990’s. You may now support Donald Trump because of his opposition to “NAFTA on steroids” — also known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement — which Hillary Clinton co-authored. If so, then this is not for you.

Or maybe you are someone who lost their home and life savings in the financial crash, then watched as your government gave more of your money to ‘bail out’ the banks that caused the problem. You may now support Trump because of his desire to audit the Federal Reserve and break the financial cartel made of up of Hillary Clinton’s benefactors. If so, then I apologize.

It may be that you are just sick and tired of corrupt, corporate owned, career politicians like Hillary, and if this is the case then again I apologize.

But if you support Donald Trump because of his racism, sexism, xenophobia, lies, militarism, or general villainry, then it may in fact be Hillary Clinton who is your true champion.