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If you like Donald Trump’s unique relationship with the truth, you will love Hillary Clinton.

When Donald Trump lies, he tends to venture into the theater of the bizarre. The length of his penis, *ahem*, ‘fingers’, the size of his bank account, and a general confusion over what he said the day before. Frat boy braggadocio from an underprepared salesman.

Hillary Clinton, however, is on another level.

Consider that a pillar of her presidential campaign is the proclamation, as seen prominently on her website: “Hillary has spent her life fighting for equality for all.”

It is curious that this lifelong fight for equality includes her time as a Goldwater Girl and champion of the ‘superpredators’ crime bill.

Or that it includes her active and vocal opposition to LGBT rights until 2013, through a time period when activists could desperately have used a prominent liberal politician such as Hillary on their side.

Or her time on the board of union crushing, worker’s rights-trampling Wal-Mart from 1986 to 1992.

“[W]e do it better than anybody else” — Hillary as a Wal-Mart board member during the company’s anti-union campaign

To make such an intentional and flagrant falsehood a foundation of your campaign is world-class mendaciousness.

What about during the 2008 presidential campaign when Hillary recalled a supposedly dangerous trip to Bosnia as First Lady, saying, “I remember landing under sniper fire. We just ran with our heads down.” This is not a massaging or bending of the truth, it is a complete fabrication. She may as well have said she remembered Vladimir Putin riding in shirtless on a bear, because that would have been as true as her actual statement.

Hillary arrives in Bosnia “under sniper fire”

Or, there was the time at a 2015 fundraiser when she recounted the immigrant experience of her family, stating that “all” of her grandparents were immigrants. Interestingly ‘all’ does not mean the same thing as ‘one’, which is how many of her four grandparents were not born in America. Not only is the idea that all of her grandparents were immigrants a lie, it is a smoke screen for the dynastic nature of her family history. Consider that Hillary’s grandchildren are the fifth generation of rich, white, university-educated, American-born citizens.

And, of course, there is the labyrinth of lies interwoven with her now infamous email investigation. In the realm of the already officially disproven is her insistence that any classified information she sent and received was categorized as such retroactively (wrong), and the claim that her lawyers had turned over all relevant information as they were legally required to do (they hadn’t).

There can be no doubt — Hillary is a virtuoso, an artist.

In lying about her history fighting for equality, she belittles the contributions of activists who were actually a part of these fights, often against Hillary Clinton.

In lying about a dangerous military situation, she disrespects and devalues the sacrifices made by service men and women who have lived these types of scenarios in reality.

In lying about her family history, she denigrates the immigrant experience.

And in lying throughout the saga of her emails, she shows a shameless disregard for public safety and near-treasonous negligence.

Hillary isn’t lying about the size of her fingers, she is lying in such a way as to make a mockery of what it means to be an American.

If you are looking to run this presidential race with someone who plays fast and loose with the truth — Trump is a high school letterman, while Hillary Clinton is an Olympic-level liar.

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