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If you like Donald Trump’s militarism, you will love Hillary Clinton.

We have all seen Trump’s face go red when he talks about flexing the muscle of American military might. With Hillary, however, it is not so much a red face, as red hands; stained with a blood of a career in warmongering.

Her vote as a Senator for the Iraq war, which she made “with conviction” proclaiming the facts “not in doubt,” is these days more of a punchline than an indictment. That is because during her time as Secretary of State she moved to the front of the neoconservative herd, overseeing global destruction on a scale unseen since the days of legendary war criminal — Hillary’s friend, advisor, and vacation buddy — Henry Kissinger.

Picture yourself as an ordinary citizen in the wealthiest and most economically advanced country in Africa — Ghaddafi’s Libya — going about your daily life as anyone would. A year later, you find yourself homeless and starving, most of your family is dead, and you are living in constant fear of roving militias. Somehow, you catch sight of a television screen. On it plays a clip of a well-dressed and well-fed white woman; the organizer of Ghaddafi’s overthrow and murder and the architect of your country’s destruction. With a self-satisfied look on her face, the women crows, “We came, we saw, he died,” as the room full of yes-men erupts with laughter. I am curious as to whether you would have the same view of the proceedings.

“We came, we saw, he died”

Buoyed by the apparently hilarious results of her pet project in Libya, Hillary turned her attention to Syria where America would play the role of decimator-for-hire at the behest of Hillary’s friends (and Syria’s enemies) in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere. As yet another middle eastern country, and the innocent civilians within, was being plunged into disaster, Hillary’s state department was funding and arming the so-called moderate Islamists that would become ISIS.

While Donald Trump talks tough on ‘terrorists,’ Hillary Clinton produces them. While Trump blusters about refugees, Hillary creates them.

We all remember the snarling face of Dick Cheney standing behind a dopey looking President Bush, leading America into Iraq and Afghanistan. But it was President Obama, with Hillary playing the role of Cheney, who led the United States into Libya, Syria, on an Afghan ‘surge,’ and on countless civilian-massacring drone campaigns in places like Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia.

Of course, the reign of a Secretary of State who “relied on Kissinger’s council,” as Hillary said she did, would not be complete without a state-sponsored coup in Latin America. When the President of Honduras was kidnapped and whisked from his country in the middle of the night in his pajamas, the United Nations, European Union, and virtually all neighboring countries condemned the action as an illegal military coup. Meanwhile Hillary’s State Department was spending millions on propaganda designed to “render the question…. moot.”

Unfortunately for everyday citizens of Honduras, forgotten in Hillary’s global ‘game of thrones,’ their country is now a place where, as the Washington Post put it, “bloodshed reigns supreme.”

A legacy continues. “I was very flattered when Henry Kissinger said I ran the State Department better than anybody had run it in a long time”

But what about the future? A heap of bloody, mangled civilian bodies and decimated countries are nice, if you are into that sort of thing, but again we must ask the question of ‘what have you done for me lately.’

While running for President in 2008, Hillary threatened to “totally obliterate” Iran with nuclear weapons. By the 2016 campaign, shortly after the Iran Nuclear Deal was signed, perhaps signifying the start of a de-escalation of tensions between the United States and Iran, she named “the Iranians” as the enemy she was “most proud of.” Connect the dots through Sunni Saudi Arabia’s Shia hit list — Iraq (check), Syria (check), Iran — and you will realize that Trump’s threats to “bomb the shit out of ISIS” are juvenile next to the threats of a nuclear armed Hillary Clinton.

Additionally, in 2014, she compared Russian President Vladimir Putin to Hitler, following in the footsteps of her husband, who called Slobodan Milosevic “Hitler,” and George W. Bush, who called Saddam Hussein “Hitler.” In the pantheon of insults, calling the leader of Russia, a country who lost tens of millions of lives fighting the Nazis, “Hitler” is about as antagonistic as you can get.

And of course we know the fate of previous ‘Hitlers’ like Milosevic and Hussein.

There are those who call Donald Trump a bully. And like any good bully, he talks a big game about things he is going to do. But some people write rhymes, others write checks. When it comes to warmongering, you can take Hillary Clinton to the bank.

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