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If you like Donald Trump specifically because he is the villain, then you will love Hillary Clinton.

There is a certain thrill in swimming against the tide, to zig when others zag.

I watch pro wrestling and admittedly will occasionally find myself cheering for the character who berates the crowd and cheats to win.

It is true that Donald Trump would be, according to favorability polls, the most unpopular person ever elected President.

But the thing is — so would Hillary Clinton.

The difference is that while Trump has periodically played a villain on television, he cannot come close to the wake of personal and professional carnage left behind Hillary Clinton.

Flash back to 1974 and Hillary’s big break as a 27-year-old lawyer working on the Watergate Committee. Years later, Chief Counsel of the committee (and lifelong Democrat) Jerry Zeifman would remember the young Hillary Clinton, not as a rising star, but as “a liar.” According to Zeifman, “She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer. She conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the house, the rules of the committee, and the rules of confidentiality.”

She would go on to work at the Children’s Defense Fund, the origination of the ‘great defender’ narrative, where she would work under who she advertises as a friend and mentor: Marian Wright Edelman. Oddly, in the early 1990s, Edelman would state that she and the Clintons were “not friends in politics.”


Likely because she was feeling hurt and betrayed by the Clinton’s welfare reform bill. A golden example of the ostensible Clinton co-presidency, Edelman called the bill “a mockery of [the] pledge not to hurt children.”

Thanks for the mentorship; don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Bill Clinton signs the ‘Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act’. To his right is welfare poster child Lillie Harden, who died of complications after suffering a stroke without access to healthcare as a result of the Act

Speaking of Hillary’s time as First Lady, likely no one but perhaps her family would have spent more time with her during this period than the Secret Service. In his book The First Family Detail, former journalist at the Washington Post and Wall Street Journal Ronald Kessler provided stories told to him by Secret Service agents about their time protecting Hillary Clinton. It was a duty they called “the worst assignment in the Secret Service,” and “a form of punishment.” There are stories of her “angry personality” and a claim that “Hillary Clinton can make Richard Nixon look like Mahatma Gandhi”.

And her current run for President has seen collateral damage among Hillary’s would be friends and colleagues in the form of the corruption and humiliation of some of America’s greatest heroes.

Social justice icons John Lewis and Dolores Huerta were caught lying on Hillary’s behalf, and were subsequently shamed in the court of public opinion. Feminist icon Gloria Steinem, as previously mentioned, broke hearts with her sexist attempt at Hillary-boosting — the day the music died for Steinem’s career as a relevant feminist.

John Lewis, who “never met” Bernie Sanders, standing next to Bernie Sanders

Additionally, presidential candidates like Bernie Sanders and, yes, Donald Trump, have an online presence bolstered by legions of passionate, if occasionally misguided, followers. Meanwhile Hillary’s Super PAC has spent millions hiring social media ‘correctors’, what many call ‘trolls,’ to support her online.

If supporting Trump is like rolling a pack of cigarettes in your sleeve and spitting on the sidewalk, then you are selling your adversarial self short. There is a much more despised and much more ghoulish villain out there for you in Hillary Clinton.

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