Updated Odds: If Hillary Drops Out…. Who Becomes the Democratic Nominee?

With Hillary Clinton’s health problems venturing from the realm of conspiracy theory to that of the undeniable, rumblings have begun to percolate both among the public and within the Democratic Party as to what would happen should she be forced from the race due to illness.

If Hillary decides to drop out — a decision between her and mother nature — Democratic National Committee rules dictate that it is the DNC who will pick her replacement.

So who, then, would they tap on the shoulder as their party’s standard bearer? Below are the updated odds:

Joe Biden: 2–1

In government since 1973, Joe Biden is the definition of a career politician. He is well-liked among his peers as well as voters, and has been a champion of environmental, health care, and women’s issues, among others. Crucial to a career politician, he has also shown an innate ability to appease and impress those on whom high-level political success depends. He authored Bill Clinton’s infamous Crime Bill, and claims, having drafted similar legislation after the Oklahoma City bombing, that “[The Patriot Act] was my bill.” He was also one of the most vocal Democratic supporters of the Iraq war, and has been the preeminent salesperson of the TPP in Congress.

Many thought Vice-President Biden would be among the Democratic contenders for President from the beginning, but he appeared to eliminate himself from further consideration after the tragic death of his son, stating “nobody has a right to seek office unless they’re willing to give 110% of who they are.” However, should the opportunity present itself, “Middle Class Joe” would certainly enjoy support both from the electorate and the establishment, and would be a formidable challenger to Donald Trump.

Tim Kaine: 5–2

Certainly a front-runner to replace Hillary is the current Vice-Presidential nominee, Tim Kaine. By most accounts a well-respected politician — Shaun King called him a “good man” — Kaine stands outside the camp of ‘progressives who get things done,’ stating in his own words “I’m conservative.” He is pro-TPP, pro-coal, pro-oil and offshore drilling, a man who professed to “share [George W. Bush’s] view on Iraq” and advocates for “boots on the ground” in current middle eastern conflicts, as well as a champion of bank deregulation. As such, he would be among the top choices of establishment Democrats and corporate donors alike.

Read more by Nigel Clarke on Tim Kaine via Huffington Post.

Elizabeth Warren: 100–1

Many suggested that had she entered the race at the start, Elizabeth Warren would have had a strong chance to defeat Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary. But now, Warren appears to be a politician without a home. With a history of outspoken opposition to Wall Street and trade deals like the TPP she is no darling of the big donors and corporate overseers of the Democratic Party. However, her enthusiastic endorsement of Hillary Clinton has made her something of a pariah among progressives who accuse her of “selling out.” Democrats attached to the ‘first woman President’ narrative, especially as the anti-thesis to the purported bigotry of Trump, would do well with the intelligent, accomplished, and nationally respected Warren, but it is difficult to see where her base of enthusiasm would come from.

Bernie Sanders: 1,000,000–1

Bad news Bernie Sanders fans.

If the DNC would subvert the democratic process, disenfranchise voters, and, according to many, participate in overt rigging of the election to stop Bernie, there is essentially no chance that they would hand him the nomination of their own volition. Perhaps the only counterargument weighing on the minds of the Democratic establishment is that were they to choose someone other than Bernie, then ‘Bernie or bust’ may well turn to ‘pitchforks or bust.’

Barack Obama: Off the board

Unfortunately for RWNJ’s and conspiracy lovers, the article floating around the internet in recent days claiming that President Obama is planning to refuse to leave office is a hoax. Barack Obama will not be the next President, nor even the next Democratic nominee. Now, Michelle on the other hand…..