so many Ls on this game

First of all i would like to talk about the company ubisoft. once again this big gaming industry has refused to spice up things but only to sell and take our money. i have looked at the recent games being brought out this year and to my honesty i am not pleased on the way ubisoft approach the needs of their consumers and this is because they seem to concentrate too much on the graphics more than the story line of the games they make i took my time to play the ghost recon open beta and i would say that the game was just a combination of three games to me which were far cry 4, grand theft auto, and the division. it crossed my mind on how ubisoft are running out of ideas and even tho this is just a beta the truth is the way the beta is that is how the full game is going to be ubisoft is fund of making promises and never fulfilling them many people would say “oh ubisoft did a good job on this game” and to be honest this is not anything close to a good job, this is far from a good job i would have loved to state a lot of problems with the games but there are so many i do not even know where to start from. join me live on for some video game humor and exposure.

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