5 Free Sample Packs You Need To Get Right Now For Your Next Track

(Or, alternatively, a nice way to get 18 GB of free samples in one place)

5000 Drum Samples Megapack

379 MB

Why don’t you have this yet? When you hear artists mention that drum sample selection is the key to great-sounding drums, THIS is the pack that will get you there. Besides tons of real and machine-made kicks+snares, there are literally thousands of auxiliary, ethnic, orchestral, and session samples that will take your track to a whole new level of kickass. (Also, I separated the drum machines from everything else because that was something I found to be annoying. Now it’s easier to get what you are looking for!)


MakO Free Sample Packs 1 + 2

65.8 MB

MakO isn’t very active anymore, but he did us a great service back in the day by putting together a small but SUPER high-quality sample pack. I use these kicks and snares regularly because they sound beautiful. Also, BEANS SAMPLES (mmmmmmm). I’m not sure where his original download page is, so I’ll give you access with my own for now.


MusicRadar Free Superpak

13.4 GB

MusicRadar has a ton of great free stuff, especially the packs where someone took old children’s educational toys (like Speak ‘n’ Spell) and made them into crazy instruments. For your convenience, I put together a collection of 43 of their free download packs. Comb through and make something awesome, weird, or whatever.


Samplephonics Welcome Pack

1.9 GB

Samplephonics is pretty cool! They have tons of high quality stuff and they give you a ~2GB welcome pack as soon as you register, plus much more over your lifetime as a member. I highly recommend signing up, even just for the free pack.


Converse Rubber Room Selections

2.29 GB

Converse makes it a HUGE pain in the ass to bulk download samples on their site because (and we emailed back and forth about this) they want the repeated site traffic, and for users to use their “sampler”. For the rest of us who are actually serious about making music, here are 8 packs from the website that I downloaded BY HAND… clicking one sample at a time over the course of two days. You better say thank you when you are done downloading.


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