Why And How To Use Refrigeration Night Covers?

Refrigeration night covers are curtains made of woven aluminum fabric. It is a very special kind of fabric that makes aluminum suitable for making curtains that are used over display covers. Why a display needs cover? A display is designed open and there is no provision for covering a display. In this situation, why do you need to cover it?

Let’s find reasons for covering a display

First reason: Open design display consumes more energy than required. It is like a fridge kept open. If you keep the door of your refrigerator open, you will find that it is losing energy fast. Also you will find that the electric meter is running fast. Opening the fridge will allow the cool to evaporate to the room whose temperature is lower than the temperature of the refrigerator.

Second reason: If the display loses its cool, the stored goods will come in room temperature and become spoiled. Simply put, keeping the display open could be loss of goods and investment. But there is a way to save your savings and the way is to use supermarket night covers. Cover the display with curtain made of woven aluminum fabric and save your investment.

Third reason: You can keep the display working by making arrangements for alternative electric power. The only thing that can make a quality display useless is loss of electricity. But you can make arrangement of alternative electric power and in this way save your display and goods. But the open case display will consume more energy and keep increasing your electricity bill. If you can cover the display even for night then you can save electricity and money in the long run.

How to use refrigeration night covers? Since there is no provision over the displays to use curtains, you have to use customized curtains that you can install over the displays and use the curtains in a hassle free manner. You only need pulling down the curtains over the displays before leaving your store. Next morning, you can pull up the curtains and start doing business with the help of displays.

Covering the energy guzzling displays for night will reduce your energy consumption at east by 30% and the money saved can be used for improving the store. You can buy more goods with the money saved on electricity bill. And you can buy customized curtains for display of all sizes at an affordable price.

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