I made an account.

Today I signed up for a Medium account, and I’m not sure why.

As I type this it is 9:51 am on a Friday, and I have had a Medium account for a little under an hour now. I’m still not entirely sure what I should do with it which may seem odd. “Surely you’re here to read and or write Medium articles” you might say, and to that I reply “Iunno.” See, I’ve never really used Medium before.

I’ve only used this site twice. Both times the articles were linked directly to me, and I very promptly forgot them after a quick scan. For the most part the pieces I read felt like transcriptions of TED talks, and I’m not exactly a fan of those. I don’t like listening to manicured lectures and I don’t like reading them either. So why am I here, on a service that seems to be mostly that?

The best reason I can give is that there was a sign-up button and that this service is free (Here’s a gate-keeping top tip to keep people like me out: a 5 dollar fee).

So now that I’m here, I might as well write something, right? Haha, funny jokes, I got nothing. While I am an opinionated person, all my opinions are on things that don’t matter enough to put on paper. Stuff like which Lupin III series is the best one (It’s series 1) and what model of GameBoy you should buy to actually play your games (It’s a pocket or a color). The statements contained in the parenthesis above are about as far as those opinions go, and that’s not enough to write a whole article.

“Surely you’re here to read and or write Medium articles” you might say, and to that I reply “Iunno.”

I don’t have a lot of exciting stories to tell fictional or otherwise, my life isn’t that interesting, I’m at a brick wall here. Eventually I’ll think of something worthwhile to write about but for now enjoy this, whatever this is.

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