At 10pm, there she was, too sleepy to find another good show in the television.

It’s Saturday so nothing really is worth watching. It’s Saturday and it couldn’t get better than the thought of not being in the office for work or not having to commute for two hours in the morning and another two at night.

It was only a bottle, she thought. Or maybe, it was only a bottle and a quarter. But yes, there she was scanning over nothing but lame television shows and lifeless conversations in the chat room. There she was, waiting for her phone to ring, waiting for an update that won’t probably come.

Some one bot days are meant to be shared, she smiled. Today, it was shared with Adelaine. Her name was Adelaine. Short girl with a bagful of worries with her everyday. You’d see her smile while her eyes are those of a sad pup.

Today was about life, relationships, connections, priorities. Today was about making another realize she deserves more than what she chose to keep. Maybe that’s what made the bottle’s hit stronger. Because it was shared over heartbreaks. It was a witness to those tears. And 7/11 suited enough to give that vibe.

Even with so many words and so much encouragement, she still found herself fighting the thought of letting go. She’s crazy, one hell of a woman. She feared the thought of not having anyone at all. She’s hurting but she keeps going. She settled for something, someone less of her worth.

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