I am a satirist, Night!
Allan Ishac

Actually Allan; that was my whole point, I read on Medium, not because I expect you, the majority, or even in reality the minority of readers on Medium to agree with me. I also understand contrary to your reader’s belief what satire is, and more importantly what political satire is, I understand that it is still a form of journalism and serves a direct and distinct purpose. Your readers who believe it to be “All in Fun” truly do not understand what satire is or how it is used to shape opinion and motivate people to action. I am not an independent because I abhor leftist progressive ideas, anymore that I am an independent because I abhor the conservative arguments. I am an independent simple because I believe that both political parties use the American people, are in it solely for their own purposes, they support whatever base they think will serve their purpose. I am independent because I believe the country can only truly function to its potential when we stay in the middle of the two ideologies. But I digress; my point to you was that I have followed your writing since I joined Medium several years ago. Before the Trump/Hillary media frenzy, you wrote articles making fun of the ironic and often stupid policies of our government and even the voting public, companies at large etc. However, in the last year (I actually went back and looked); I am hard pressed to find a single article that does not in some way involve Trump. Now I understand you don’t like Trump, and honestly there is enough reason not to like him, but then again I rarely like any politician for the reasons listed above, they are not altruistic. Personally I am sick of hearing about Trump, not just from you but from the Media in general, I wonder if they realize they are actually doing him and by default the GOP a favor? This continued baiting and negative coverage regardless of Trump’s actions, are wearing the people down to where they are sick of it, at this point even if someone like Mueller were to find a smoking gun, do you actually think the majority would even believe it?

I am pretty sure you are more intelligent than that.

Unfortunately I rambled again, my point simply is: can we please talk about something other than Trump, I actually value your input, but the Trump talk is beating a dead horse at this point.

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